Jeff Duke, renowned animal control specialist, affordably captures animals that are a nuisance to you, your family and your home, property or office.
We will meet or beat our competitors pricing! We pride ourselves on being thorough, professional and affordable!
Animals dealt with:
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Frustrated with Unwanted Animals Damaging Your Home?
Choose Professional, Experienced, Licensed Animal Removal Specialist, Jeff Duke

(530) 333-0459 or (530) 401-2831
Rattle Snakes
Feral Cats
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Jeff's specialty is capturing upset, angry animals for homeowners disturbed by the "critters". 
He can bare-handedly pick up raccoons and skunks, helping to remove them to keep you, and your property safe!
We also remove dead animals.
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As licensed wildlife control professionals, you can be confident we'll expertly and humanely rid your house of unwanted animals without causing further damage to your home. Last, but certainly not least, you'll be treated to personalized, professional service from a company that has worked with the Folsom Zoo, Sierra Wildlife Rescue of Placerville, Sacramento Wildlife Care Association, Gold Country Wildlife, and Tri-County Wildlife. Jeff is also licensed through The California State Department of Fish and Game, Animal Control for El Dorado County, El Dorado Humane Society, United States Forest Service, State Parks and Recreation Train Museum (trapped over 90 skunks for them) - and is also referred often by his competition - Critter Control!
Our services include:
Bat Removal
One of the first things people notice when they have bats is a rustling noise in their walls or terrible bad guano smells.  Once a bat makes its way into the house or leaves a disgusting mess in the attic, owners are so annoyed they have to call us and as soon as possible is best as the bat feces and urine can stain and ruin sheetrock and wood in your home.
Squirrel Removal
Squirrels chew holes in roofs, chewing through wiring and leaving smelly waste behind. What's more, because they are so ingenious, they easily find new ways to get back into your home after they've been removed. We remove these critters and seal your home to ensure they won't be back!. Other Animal Removal. Skunks? Snakes? Rats? Need removal? We handle any and all animal nuisance calls!  We can trap the ones you don't want yet are cautious to make certain we don't hurt anyone's pets or neighbors animals!
Cleanup and Repair
When the animals are gone, who's going to clean up the mess they left behind? Diseased, Feces-filled attics, urine-soaked insulation, sheet rock and wires and more can all become breeding grounds for disease and obnoxious odors that can fill your home-not to mention the bugs that will be attracted. Specializing in animal control and clean up, we professionally remove the dangerous droppings and trash created by your 'visitors' and restore the smell and your piece of mind with expert cleaning and repair services available.
Your Schedule
You hear funny noises echoing in your walls and attic...what is making that sound that is driving you crazy? Funny smell bothering you? Are critters leaving behind feces and urine for you to clean up? Is it a bat, squirrel, rat or worse, a skunk? Call a local expert to safely and humanely remove an animal nuisance for you!
Jeff Duke, of Duke's Wildlife Control has been working with wild animals for 20+ years. At times he has captured rabid animals, nursed animals back to health and nurtured newborn baby animals to adulthood.

Working with several non-profit agencies, Jeff has a great reputation for being able to catch any animal located anywhere - and quickly, too! Quickly removing nuisance animals and critters before they cause damage to your home is the best course of action. However, getting rid of bats and other unwanted animals is only part of the solution. Once they are gone, how will you keep them from returning? Humane bat, squirrel and other animal removal is our specialty. Also important, is the clean up service we provide along with the 'keep out service'. Once we remove the animals, we can clean up any mess they have made, make minor repairs to any damage and, most importantly, plug and repair locations the animals are using to invade your space! Certified, Licensed, Award-Winning Animal Removal Services.

West Sacramento, Rosemont, La Riviera, Florin, Rio Linda, Carmichael, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Mather, Granite Bay, Folsom, North Highlands, Foothill Farms, Fair Oaks, Davis, Elk Grove, Antelope, McClellan, Citrus Heights, Orangevale,
Roseville, and other loactions in El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer, Nevada, Yolo, Amador, San Joaquin, Yuba and Solano Counties.
We will meet or beat our competitors pricing! We pride ourselves on being thorough, professional and affordable!

Call anytime - day or night for emergency animal removal (530) 333-0459 or (530) 401-2831
We are often asked to respond to emergency calls. Knowing how important your safety is - and the timeliness to catch the critters, we set our schedule to yours!
Duke s Wildlife Control provides the remedy when skunks, raccoons, bats and other wild pests invade your home.

You should not hire and exterminator!  Jeff Duke is a humane animal trapper, with over twenty years captureing and removing wild critters, preventing thier return and even repairing the damage the animals cause.
Skunk Removal
Avoid getting sprayed by a skunk or scratched up by a racccon!  Call Duke's Wildlife Control Immediately!  Don't go near any wild animals, since they may harbor diseases, not to mention the odar of a skunk's spray will stick to anything it reaches for weeks or longer.

When you call Jeff to report a skunk, snake, bats, raccoons, he will respond immediately by bringing cages which effectively and humanely trap skunks, raccoons, and other creatures, and keep them captured.  Jeff or someone from Duke's wildlife control will return promply to remove the skunk or other pest and replace the cage if there is a problem with more skunks.

Put and end to skunk problems, raccoon problems, and troubles with most other wild animal pests.