Avoid getting sprayed by a skunk or scratched up by a racccon!  Call Duke's Wildlife Control Immediately!  Don't go near any wild animals, since they may harbor diseases, not to mention the odar of a skunk's spray will stick to anything it reaches for weeks or longer.

When you call Jeff to report a skunk, snake, bats, raccoons, he will respond immediately by bringing cages which effectively and humanely trap skunks, raccoons, and other creatures, and keep them captured.  Jeff or someone from Duke's wildlife control will return promply to remove the skunk or other pest and replace the cage if there is a problem with more skunks.

Put and end to skunk problems, raccoon problems, and troubles with most other wild animal pests.
Frustrated with Unwanted Animals Damaging Your Home?
Choose Professional, Experienced, Licensed Animal Removal Specialist, Jeff Duke

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Duke's Wildlife Control provides the remedy when skunks, raccoons, bats and other wild pests invade your home.

You should not hire and exterminator!  Jeff Duke is a humane animal trapper, with over twenty years captureing and removing wild critters, preventing thier return and even repairing the damage the animals cause.