• Stabilizes temperature, humidity and
    water distribution year-round
  • Aerodynamic flow traps heat
  • Greenhouse cover traps light and heat
  • Protects garden from freeze and pests
  • Strongest modern man-made structure
Sky Shot with Custom Door
9' Dome Frame
  • 30% less material than rectangular type
  • 30% less surface area retains more heat
  • Can be naturally cooled in summer
  • Know your food is grown safely

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  1. Robin says:

    What areas are your standard areas? I’m in Corning.

  2. Hello I’m interested in buying a growing dome, specifically the 9′ diameter, I live in the San joaquin area of California. I would like to know if you would be able to deliver to Lathrop, Ca.

    • Dagan says:

      Hello Alexandra,

      Thanks for your question. We can deliver and install a 9′ dome frame to your location for a total of $400. We can anchor, cover with standard 4 year greenhouse plastic, and install framed door and vent for a total $700. We’re ready to start on it today. Shoot us an email at with your phone number, and we will give you a call. We appreciate hearing from you and are excited to get involved.

      Dagan & David
      Founders of

      “Thoughts Become Things”

  3. Linda Trimble says:

    I like the basic idea. I live in Orland and the wind get “funnel” through my place, but I have a Victorian style house, can this be modified with a rock style base or something that ‘softens’ the look a little? also do you make them with glass-something longer lasting????
    Do you install or do I?
    Do you do deliver?

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