• Stabilizes temperature, humidity and
    water distribution year-round
  • Aerodynamic flow traps heat
  • Greenhouse cover traps light and heat
  • Protects garden from freeze and pests
  • Strongest modern man-made structure
Sky Shot with Custom Door
9' Dome Frame
  • 30% less material than rectangular type
  • 30% less surface area retains more heat
  • Can be naturally cooled in summer
  • Know your food is grown safely

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  1. Robin says:

    What areas are your standard areas? I’m in Corning.

  2. Hello I’m interested in buying a growing dome, specifically the 9′ diameter, I live in the San joaquin area of California. I would like to know if you would be able to deliver to Lathrop, Ca.

    • Dagan says:

      Hello Alexandra,

      Thanks for your question. We can deliver and install a 9′ dome frame to your location for a total of $400. We can anchor, cover with standard 4 year greenhouse plastic, and install framed door and vent for a total $700. We’re ready to start on it today. Shoot us an email at with your phone number, and we will give you a call. We appreciate hearing from you and are excited to get involved.

      Dagan & David
      Founders of

      “Thoughts Become Things”

  3. Linda Trimble says:

    I like the basic idea. I live in Orland and the wind get “funnel” through my place, but I have a Victorian style house, can this be modified with a rock style base or something that ‘softens’ the look a little? also do you make them with glass-something longer lasting????
    Do you install or do I?
    Do you do deliver?

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, we can build your dome on a rock wall.
      We will cover it with any material you want. We can talk about durabily, transparnecy, price, and things like that and I’ll do some research for the best price of the material with the quality you want.
      We can install, or you can.
      We can deliver, or you can pick up.

      Give me a call or text at 530 334 0489 to talk about your options.

      Kind Regards,
      David Pantone

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